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Inside the armoire, she finds a mysterious golden key that seems to unlock a parallel dimension containing a deliciously dashing Prince. What tie does the key have to that world and once the veil is crossed, will Rowena ever make it back to the modern day. With evil forces plotting her demise, will she survive in the realm of Prince Caedmon? The Golden Key Chronicles brings together four originally released novellas along with a new bonus prequel. One of the best elements of the time travel genre is that fish-out-of-water adjustment that goes hand in hand with falling into another time.

No memories? Lost in a time where women are lower tier on the ladder though the deity system is female based , learn to fight back. Rowena is woman, hear her roar. The beautiful thing about the way that Nuest writes her characters is that we knew that Rowena would be strong and adaptable all along. She lost her parents at an early age and forged a means of support in a field where really anything can happen. It helps of course, that Caedmon is an Adonis who with repeat visits clearly becomes smitten with the woman in the mirror.

We see it and we believe it. The hero worship in the novel does, at times, get to be too much but as romance writing goes Caedmon and Rowena are strongly entertaining and believable. Prepare for a wild ride, whether you're looking for nail-biting drama, mystery, intense action, humor, new breeds of paranormals, or passionate romance. Indulge in this amazing boxed set from six bestselling urban fantasy authors.

Handsome Jake Savage is a young corporate climber in a world where shifters coexist with humans.

Rowena's Key

He wants nothing more than the promotion he has worked for. But when he is usurped by an office drone, he is left jobless and desperate. Along comes his dream job. His new boss-to-be is rumored to favor 'married' employees. As luck would have it, his two closest rivals wear those all-important wedding rings on their fourth fingers. So Jake grabs the only picture of a woman he has on his iPhone: Terry, his hot neighbor.

Despite her misgivings, Terry agrees to play Jake's wife in exchange for cash.

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Now they have to survive the weekend retreat organized by Jake's potential new boss. Can Jake and Terry first survive each other? And will their 'pretend marriage' ruse actually work? Sentinel Covenant by Jennifer L. Armentrout Spencer Hill Press. It's a beautiful day for a war. As the mortal world slowly slips into chaos of the godly kind, Alexandria Andros must overcome a stunning defeat that has left her shaken and in doubt of their ability to end this war once and for all.

And with all the obstacles between Alex and her happily-ever-after with the swoonworthy Aiden St. Delphi, they must now trust a deadly foe as they travel deep into the Underworld to release one of the most dangerous gods of all time. In the stunning, action-packed climax to the bestselling Covenant Series, Alex must face a terrible choice: the destruction of everything and everyone she holds dear Her website is www. After surviving a triumph-turned-tragedy in New York City, American cowboy Jasper Renn is determined to secure a happier future with his gifted band of friends.

So when the group's mechanical genius Emily is abducted, he'll plunge into England's darkest places to rescue her. But his old flame Wildcat is turning London town upside down to find her missing sister, and Jasper finds the attraction between himself and the fierce beauty as tempting and dangerous as ever. Their trail leads deep into the city's most unusual circus. Soon, Jasper will find his loyalties—and future—tested more than he could ever imagine.

The companion novella to The Girl with the Iron Touch. Lee, author of Destiny's Present. Not long after the first robots appear comes a time when man faces his own prejudices against a superior sentient.

Amidst this spring love and loyalty and a vision of the future like no other Mars Evolution and the Search for Eden by J. Oddly, however, when the crew returns to Earth, the commander of the mission disappears before he can receive the standard tests and evaluations. In an effort to keep a tight lid on the matter, an old colleague at the International Space Agency is assigned the task of locating him. But when Admiral Christopher Stadler finally meets up with the elusive commander in Santa Fe, the shocking discovery is more than he or anyone else could have ever predicted.

After total collapse of the United States Government in and a resulting war, treaties developed and three independent communities arose: the Anarchist, Devotees, and Altruist. In the midst of this new order, Liam is born into the Altruist society.

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He considers the world beyond the Altruist borders but loves Faye, the only person he feels that he can trust. He learns he's been drafted into the militia, and if he disobeys, will be labeled a deserter, and eventually executed. Liam must decide to risk everything and leave the only home he's ever known, or stay and fight by their side. Calypso is a guardian of Earth's people, helping them ascend to a plane of enlightenment.

Death, the guardian of life and death on Earth is ready to leave and anxiously waits for Earth to ascend. Both entities want the same thing but go about it in different ways. Calypso captures souls and uses them as blackmail.

Rowena's Key (The Golden Key Chronicles, #1) by A.J. Nuest

All hope for reason is lost when she kidnaps his love Tashari, on the eve of her rebirth! Death sets out to rescue Tashari, but Calypso has had time to figure out how to stop Death, change the past, and reshape the future. But an unexpected enemy kidnaps them.

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Cut off from their crew, they must stop a plan to steal Jack's life, and with it one of the galaxy's most valuable companies. Widowed for over a year, Sera longs for the company of her younger, sexier neighbor, the one man she can never have—unless she plans to rob the cradle. You already recently rated this item.

Penny's menagerie had become so famous , J that two circus fugitives, Olaf the bear, and Suzie the chimpanzee, found their way to it one cold winter's night. In an attempt to add these two newcomers to his ""home"", Mr.

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Penny takes the whole gang to the circus where they watch trained animal acts, join a few, and wait for the news that Olaf and Suzie could at least spend the winter with Mr. Back home again, the two ""professionals"" instruct everyone in the art of circus cut-ups and all display their talent. In ""Mr.

Penny's 2 Penny Circus"", the highlight of the county fair.

Their hang up success results in a permanent place for Olaf and Suzie among the happy members of Mr. Penny's ""family"". Miss Ets olletts a warm response to her animals in her gentle black and white drawings though her plot never builds to one satisfying climax, a flaw which weakens the total effect. Toggle navigation Home. Contact Copyright Privacy.

Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Penny Mister Bookeveryone. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Daddys Sweetheart Part 2: The Honeymoon. Mister Penny's race horse Book, [ppln-oz. His likeness appeared on that game's box lid, game instructions, and currency. Mister Penny In the book, all of the characters that appear on the Monopoly board or within the decks of cards received a name. Your list has reached the maximum number of items. The Sociology of Community Connections.