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Due Process and Denaturalization

Comment on this Story. First Name. As it stands, the Department of Justice has the authority to file denaturalization lawsuits against naturalized citizens under two circumstances: if the individual did not legally meet the requirements of citizenship, or if they lied about or concealed something material during the citizenship process.

Greenville police, partnering agencies arrest 61 in ‘Operation Janus’

For individuals that are refugees or stateless, this denunciation of citizenship can be fatal. Citizenship, regardless how acquired, is still citizenship and carries the same rights and responsibilities whether the individual is natural-born or naturalized. Over 20 million Americans are naturalized citizens.

Operation Janus and Operation Second Look: Denaturalization of Citizens With Removal Orders

Over 12 million individuals are green card holders. For those going through the naturalization process, the task force represents uncertainty and impermanence of their potential new citizenship; fees paid by those seeking to be naturalized may very well be the funding for their future denaturalization case. For those already naturalized, the task force continuously declares that their citizenship is less than those of natural-born US citizens.

Schneider v. If you know of anyone impacted by the Denaturalization Taskforce, please contact us at editors lawatthemargins. Your email address will not be published.

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The spokesman declined to provide details on the nature of its ongoing anti-fraud investigations, or on the exact techniques and processes it uses. USCIS officials have said the agency is looking to increase the use of digitized biometrics in the coming years. Paul Hunter, chief of biometrics strategy for U.

Citizenship and Immigration Services, said in December that the agency has expedited authority to use biometric ID capabilities across a number of venues, including citizenship application processing and background checks. He said he expects formal rules on the use of voice, iris and rapid DNA identification by March Over the last 25 years in Washington as a reporter, editor and correspondent, he has covered an increasingly wide array of high-tech issues for publications like Communications Week, Internet Week, Fiber Optics News, tele.

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