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Discover everything Scribd has to offer, including books and audiobooks from major publishers. Start Free Trial Cancel anytime. El Filibusterismo Original Spanish Version. Uploaded by Jm Estoque. Document Information click to expand document information Description: Jose Rizal, being the contemporary of Tagore, Sun-Yat-sen, and Gandhi the Four Great Asians, is among those who awaken the spirit of nationalism in asia. Through his first novel, Noli Me Tangere, he had deeply awaken to the spirit of nationalism in his country.

It is thus was henced considered as the very first political novel in asia that shows resistant to the western powers. The following is a novel written in Spanish Language, the language which Rizal originaly used in his novel which arises the spirit of Nationalism to the Filipinos. However, Even if the novel, itself, was written from Rizal's time Date uploaded Jul 11, Did you find this document useful?

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Is this content inappropriate? I watched the show a bit, but I soon grew out of cartoons and mostly forgot about the show's existence. Eventually my mind came across SpongeMan. Remembering those horrifying memories of my friends going insane, I got a little scared and with an adult mind realized just how bizarre that was. I decided that something was not right about that cartoon, as no cartoon I watched after I turned 14 had that effect, and I've never heard of anyone else going insane from a cartoon. A little frightened, I decided to look "El hombre esponja" up on Google.

However, I didn't find anything relevant, other than one result. One of the top results was this cartoon with a catchy song. Seeing this, I instantly made a connection. That cartoon that I watched a couple episodes of in , after my strict family finally let me watch some TV, was Bob Esponja SpongeBob.

I remembered how I felt that something was off about that cartoon- I really enjoyed it, but it gave me flashbacks to the traumatic SpongeMan moments and I wasn't sure why. Then, I realized something. My classmates' descriptions of the characters and episodes, seemed to match up with the characters in SpongeBob. I found an online site called "KimCartoon", where you can watch any episode of most cartoons. At my own risk, I decided to watch a few episodes of the first season. Sure enough, they all matched my classmates' detailed descriptions. However, I didn't go insane or exhibit any of the symptoms and oddities my classmates did.

I just thought it was a fun, ordinary cartoon.

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I kept waiting for something strange to happen to me, but it just never did. Eventually I watched enough of the show to move onto the second season, and I stopped recognizing the episodes. I still remembered the descriptions of the characters, but I wasn't familiar with any of the episodes. Eventually however, I stopped watching the show, worrying that I was getting addicted to it because I was watching it so much. However, I was extremely curious about the similarities between this show and SpongeMan.

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As such, I continued investigating the matter, since I didn't seem to be suffering from any effects after watching. However, nobody seemed to have ever heard of SpongeMan, and no matter how hard I looked I could not find any info on it. Nobody seemed to be going insane from the show either. I asked on the internet forum SpongeBuddy Mania, but nobody had ever heard of SpongeMan and everyone was just confused. Perplexed by this situation, I decided to do a deeper investigation into this mysterious dub. I looked through old records, detailed advanced website searches, I searched every tiny space of the web to find anything I could about this show.

I asked people in real life too, but nobody remembered anything. Eventually I came across a mysterious website called "CartoonDubIndex". The site appears to now be taken down, unfortunately.

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When I first accessed the site I attempted to use the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to make a copy of it, but due to the site's configuration it would not allow me to do so. As such, there is no remaining record of CartoonDubIndex.

This site had a wealth of information, even on extremely obscure dubs like this one. Apparently, the dub was made by a company known as Dynamo. This company, active from to , made a number of cartoon dubs, all extremely low quality and released only to select local stations in small towns in Mexico.

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Oddly, each of their dubs only aired in one town each, all of them very small towns spread in seemingly random locations through Mexico. However, the odd thing about their dubs is that they all had unique names to other dubs of the shows, and they all had no information available about them but on this site. As I continued browsing the site, I noticed that the site had a comments section for individual dub pages.

Due to the obscurity of the site, there weren't many comments- most of the comments were just spambots or a few anonymous users making seemingly random comments. However, the comments section for SpongeMan had one interesting post. However, I saved the link in a notepad so I could view it on a virtual machine later.

Apparently, only the first season SpongeBob episodes were dubbed. The displayed episode list of the dub had very literal translations of the English names for the episode names, almost like the episode names were put through Google Translate. The audio quality is awful, like it was recorded in a garage with a cheap microphone. The dialogue makes no sense either; this is probably a literal translation of the original English Spongebob show.

Actually, something just feels wrong about this show.. Something is just offputting about this version of the show. I just remembered this as I was browsing this site so I decided to give my thoughts on it. There was no content on his profile at all, other than that comment and that review. However, I noticed something interesting- CartoonDubIndex had a private messaging system.

I quickly wrote a message to gjo, asking him about the dub. My message read as follows:. Can you send me more info on it, or those tapes you have? You do not want to know. Do not investigate further. Stop it now. I then downloaded some virtual machine software and opened up the link that he gave me in a web browser. A video file started downloading, seemingly an episode of El Hombre Esponja. For being an minute TV show episode from , it had an unusually high filesize- 1 GB, for that matter. I thought this was strange, but I just waited and let it download.

The first thing I noticed that was unusual was that the video quality was abysmal, especially considering the filesize.

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The video was in a very low resolution and full of artifacts, even worse than a horrible VHS rip. It was close to unwatchable, but I continued anyways. As gjo had described in his review, it seemed to have several strange video modifications; there were several colour discrepancies, such as Squidward consistently being a shade of dark blue.

As I continued watching the episode, I started to get a headache and felt dizzy. I got mildly concerned, but since I had watched these episodes before I kept watching it.

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  • Characters were walking backwards, and I started to see strange flashes on the screen, with my screen going completely black for a few seconds at some points. But then, as the episode progressed, something so terrifying and inexplicable that it still haunts me to this day occurred.

    While watching the episode, I started to feel immobilized, along with a strange pain in my chest. The screen began to flicker up and down with multiple colours, distorting the video of the episode. Suddenly, I passed out. I woke up in my own bed, unable to move. My room was dark, and I saw distorted SpongeBob characters approaching towards me as I slowly regained mobility. I managed to get up and leave my room, and head back to my computer where I saw another episode of El Hombre Esponja playing.

    This one was MuscleBob BuffPants. I was dragged towards it, by some kind of force that prevented me from doing anything but sitting at my computer and watching it. It seemed thankfully normal, aside from the bad dubbing, but I once again felt odd while watching it, and I noticed that every time Sandy spoke, a distorted apparition of Sandy appeared in my eyes.

    I started getting the same symptoms as before and odd effects in the episode, so I attempted to get up and move away from my computer. It then showed a strange video, which seemed to be black with some occasional red lights.