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Cite Citation. Permissions Icon Permissions. Issue Section:. You do not currently have access to this article. Download all figures. Sign in. You could not be signed in. Sign In Forgot password? Don't have an account? American Historical Association members Sign in via society site. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. History -Pre-Ancient Infernal history consists of many nomadic tribes migrating towards the planets largest volcano before settling down into the planets first major settlement, remarkable for its construction of a flood way running through the centre of the settlement for directing lava flows.

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The loss of people during this age helped better unite the warring nations of the planet, helping them to advance into the space age without any major Infernal wars since. Beginning a few months after the first infernal spacecraft was able to successfully orbit the planet, a massive shock wave was detected coming from a close by star system, when the wave of deadly radiation hit the planet it caused both a massive spike in cancerous deaths but also the biggest population boom in the species history.

As it turned out, a nearby star had gone supernova but had not been classified as being any where near to the size required for that type of eruption, and soon it was figured out to have been caused by an alien ship that was also heading towards their system at a slow flt speed, it was realised that this ship had been capable to destroying an entire star system and was most likely heading towards the Infernal system to do the same, the leaders of the world panicked, the Internals were used to war but had never seen a weapon of this power before, so the decision was made to prepare as many stellar craft as possible to combat this weapon, or prepare to be annihilated without the chance to fight for their survival.

The ships fired for hours as the leviathan system destroyer slowly cruised towards the planets star, the situation become so desperate that when ships ran out of ammo, they would crash into the craft in order to damage it, and then just as the ship begin to charge up for its attack on the star, a corvette crashed into the ships firing mechanism and caused the ship to violently explode and become a burning hulk. The situation was too close for the Infernal Dictators to bare, and so soon consolidated under the rule of the strongest nation.

Analysis from the hulk yielded the amazing discovery of 'Dust' similar to their own Nanites but worth so much more, And along with the basic understanding of the hulks 'string drive' the Internals prepared to do the only thing they knew how, war, war with a universe that was trying to kill them, this is not a war for land or resources this is a war for survival and the only way to win is to fight,even if survival means killing someone else. Spreading out across the stars like a curse or plague, but to them, its more like running. Most players have only a few starship production systems so it would look possible to micromanage that.

Regarding lore: I think that the "Drathi" history is quite original, but I do not think it sounds compatible with what I had in mind for the Infernals or the other races. I would then strongly encourage making a mod with the Drathi.

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For the Infernals I would like to restore true "daemonic" history, placing their maybe "onetime" interference with other civilizations like Terrans from a late discovery of ether ways and attempts to travel from there. They have a feudal authority system with various ranks, titles and privileges ; some Infernals would have been exiled to this part of the galaxy one infernal lord and his suite, sent out in the ether and ending his way here and now look to developer their power on this part of galaxy.

As long as you also create the Affinity to activate it. CmdrNoval Newcomer. CmdrNoval Newcomer 16 g2g pts. I love a good Mod! Can't wait for modding support. This should give you a new trait to work with, i think. Hupailija Newcomer. Hupailija Newcomer 10 g2g pts.

It counts first population correctly but haven't figured out rest of it's calculation. If you have further exchanges about the Drathi-specific mod, I will as politely as I may of course suggest to open a thread for it. As you may guess, we will also exchange a lot here about the Dynasty mod, with all the new races, new hero traits, new techs and new content.

If i can suggest something? New system of conquering planets. Fleet mele power — for now that determine how long you will be conquering system — my proposition is to increase fleet mele power x 2 and instead of conquering mele power will determine the orbital bombardment damages.

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In early stages of game when systems are weak 1 troop pod should be enough for conquering the system — but in time when systems are more populated and has more buildings also defecnce power it should take 2 troop or maby 3 in late phase of game with hudge pop in systems pods to conquer the system — so for that we need to know how strong defence power of system is. What do you think about that. My efforts toward ground attacks will be the following. I'll share here some of the "Dynasty ground combat" rules.

First: - invasion power will be removed from all base weapons if this can be done - some later weapons orbital weapons will provide again an invasion score, but much later But : - some ships will be able to take the "invasion troop modules" infantry , which will give base invasion power - with more techs there will be various "invasion support modules" tanks, artillery available, which will give a percentage of increased invasion power. So you'll be forced to take also infantry with them or they will not work. So you could in an early game only build the troop transports with only the infantry, and your transport could even have some other weapons and stuff.

But later in the game you'll have to build stronger invasions and will have to use the nice "percentage bonus" to make a stronger invasion score vs the planetary defenses. Your troop transports will then be much larger, ways more dedicated, and with more massive equipement and number of varied invasion modules. And to reply to your point, first about the fleet suggestion: - I won't validate, as you may see and understand now, the fleet melee power suggestion.

If this is possible, then it will be in with some weapons. Then about the population invasion: - it is interesting, both strategically and in every aspect, to apply a "population cost" in trade for a massive troop pod. We can only fit 1 such module per ship. With 20 tank pods, you'll make your invasion power double. The problem there is with your suggestion is that your invasion module is "never spent"; after conquering a planet with it, it will still be here.

Whereas it would only really work if it is spent. For now this is what really restraints me in allowing this.

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  • If I do not feature massive invasion pods, I'll add more base invasion power to the infantry pods and future infantry pods. Click here to login. Post Cancel. Moderate comment.

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