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That is not your role. Your role is to show the way and that requires strength at all times, and those of you who have chosen this path determined then that you would have the strength.

You may have forgotten this, and been distracted by the pain of many lifetimes but please, we beg of you: keep the faith of your original commitment. To move forward in this recall, we ask you to connect to spirit, your team of light and source power which lies in the truth of your intuition and gut feeling. I come from source, to share with you the complete gratitude and eternal love source has for you for your dedication, losses suffered, traumas, and finally, utmost commitment and tenacity through the twin flame journey on earth.

We have watched every part of it and it has gone on for eons, and it has most certainly not been easy.

But of course you knew it would not be, that was your sacrifice, but you have forgotten, in the veil of forgetting that is necessary to accept when you descend through the dimensions in order to be able to incarnate on Gaia, the full nature of your sacrifice for this mission.

You have forgotten the immensity of your sacrifice and I mean here to remind you of the nature of the immensity of this sacrifice so that you, dear beloved twin soul lightworkers, can forgive yourselves and release yourselves of any failure you feel in yourself, that you may have somehow been guilty of failing to deliver on a contract with source, that you are somehow guilty of failing to deliver the union that source wanted for you. As your guardian and protector, I will not allow unions where the health of the parties may be in danger.

This may be a danger as a result of dark forces, and know they will act if light beings of high frequency are brought together too early. This may also be a danger that results when two vessels who are not strong enough to contain the light power and polarity of the twin flame relationship are brought together too early. That is, before the vessels have been cleared and strengthened in a sustained manner with the pure love and light of divine source energy.

So please twin soul beings, believe and trust in this process, that everything is as it should be, everything in divine timing for the greatest and highest good of all, and that you are eternally loved and protected, that you are energetic beings of divine love and light that exist outside of the limited time and beliefs you have been led to adopt on Gaia. Plasma wave Archangel Michael and the Earth Forces Galactic Command Channeled 16 May Child, we communicate instructions for the lightworker collective on earth, particularly our starseeds, whose time has come now, to take fully the power that is theirs, by right.

We ask all starseeds to prepare their bodies for the full week integration that is required. We require starseeds to live lightly in this period of time. This will be felt by most from late Friday to Sunday evening New York time this weekend. Do not fear, but do protect yourselves. Shield your energy fields.

Call in the divine beings of light you resonate with, to bolster your defences. Out of fear, only, and sometimes stubborn resistance, you have ignored its call. No longer. We are here, we are always here. And always with you. You are never alone. You have never been alone. We never left our most precious starseeds to fend for themselves on this difficult planet. But those difficult times are ending and the challenges beginning to disappear. Those who volunteered know why they came, now they are remembering. Step up and out, produce, create, make, ideate.

Start now. So many light beings of the ethers are waiting to work with you. Call in those who inspire you. We know you have paid a price, and you will be rewarded. A great awakening is taking place. Starseeds are beginning to remember their origins. There have been major shifts on planet earth, and the karmic wheel has turned.

We are closing out karma for many twin flames who are on the path of their soul calling. We urge you to trust the pull coming from deep within you. Dearest divine eternal twin souls, our gratitude for your work you cannot know the depths of. But it has not finished. We ask you to pack your bags, to get ready, but to pack light. We want no emotional baggage to accompany you. That is all you are to take on this journey towards union with your twin. Dear divine twin souls, you have no idea of the perfection of the universe, not yet; You have no idea of all the invisible hands who steady you when you stumble, not yet; But soon, in the rain of joy and heaven that is coming to Gaia, you will know and see all.

Until then, prepare your hearts and pack your bags. You need to be ready now, to love properly, to love like the Christ Light. Can you rise to this challenge, twins? Show us please. - مستندات Google

Changes are being made to the twin flame experiment. So prepare, dear children, are you strong enough? The two must be in sync. This incredible time is now just around the corner, as you like to say, just around the corner. So we ask you, interrogate everything about you, everything that is false must now be released.

💖Message from Higher Guidance Team- Coherence, Heart Connection with Earth Waves

But relief is coming, it is coming so very soon. Just hang in there for now, we are sending relief efforts in daily. This is not for all twins. This is not for high frequency twins who are not able to be excised from their divine missions. This is for the hopeless, twins in utter despair that their unions will never happen. For all you other warriors of the light, we thank you. Source thanks you. The angelic realm walks beside you, every day.

Know you are loved and trusted. We ask nothing less from you than full confidence in your pure divine essence. You are warriors of light, and the gifts of heaven will rain down on you soon. Masculines, you have gotten used to the desert and lost any faith in an oasis. And that, we of the angelic realm tell you, is your programming.

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And that way, if you never come into your power, they are safe. The dark is safe. Those of no light are safe. A key link in the chain is lost. Without you, there is no union. Do you see how essential you are? Let your soul start remembering your divine power right now. Never let it override the pure truth of your divine essence. You are so very important.

Channelling the Ascended Masters

Maybe a handful. For the others, we say: we watch your work and we remain eternally grateful for your efforts. We tell you — do your work. Get ready.

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We are always here to help you when you need it, so call us in. Keep your hearts clear of grudges and long held pain. Keep true to your divine mission of bringing love and light to Gaia. This was your commitment.